Growing Guide: Rhubarb

Want to make sure you have enough of this pie-tarting, jam-making, cobbler-cobbling perennial on hand when you need it? Try growing rhubarb in your garden. It’s prolific, easy to grow, and even easier to maintain.


When to sow indoorsNot applicable
When to sow outdoorsEarly spring or fall
Seed depthBuds: 2 inches
Divisions: 1 inch
Germination soil temperatureNot applicable
Germination lengthNot applicable
When to transplantEarly spring or fall
VarietiesValentine (cold-hardy, heat-tolerant)

Fulton's Strawberry Surprise (voted best tasting in UK taste test)
pH range5.5 – 6.5
Soil temperature for growing40° – 75°F
Spacing24" – 36"
WateringModerate and even
LightPartial shade to full sun
Nutrient requirementsN = low

P = low

K = low
Fertilizer scheduleTop with compost in spring
When to harvestStarting on 3rd season, no more than 1/2 of plant's stems. Finish harvesting by late summer.

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Learn how to grow rhubarb here.

Image thanks to Andrew!

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