Growing Guide: Growing Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers in a Vertical Garden

No summer garden is really complete without cool, green cucumbers growing in the yard. Although they’re nutrient-needy veggies, growing cucumbers isn’t really that hard. Plus, cucumbers are fantastic vertical vegetables well-suited for growing on trellises and other vertical gardening frames.

Growing Cucumbers

When to sow indoors3 weeks before last frost
When to sow outdoorsAfter last frost
Seed depth1/2 – 1"
Germination soil temperature80° – 95°F
Germination length3 – 5 days
When to transplant4 weeks (but not recommended)
VarietiesBurpless (easier to digest)

Rocky (minis)

Diamant (early gherkin)
pH range6.0 – 7.0
Soil temperature for growing70° – 80°F minimum
Spacing24 – 36"
WateringModerate, then heavy from flowering to harvest
LightFull sun
Nutrient requirementsN = moderate

P = high

K = high
Fertilizer scheduleEvery two weeks with a complete fertilizer
When to harvestWhenever fruits are large enough to use

Looking for more information and inspiration? Check out these tips for
how to grow cucumbers.

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