Growing Guide: Cantaloupe Melons

How to Grow Cantaloupe Melons and Muskmelons

What’s round, sweet and related to cucumbers? Melons! Here’s just about everything you need to start growing cantaloupe—one of summer’s favorite fruits.

Just remember to give yourself plenty of room: Most growing cantaloupes need between 8 to 10 feet of space for their vines (although the cantaloupes you can grow in containers may not need quite as much). So, unless you want to spend your summer yellin’ for melon, leave plenty of space and put out plenty of fertilizer to grow this sweet, tropical treat in your garden.

Growing Cantaloupe (Melons / Muskmelons)

When to sow indoors3 – 4 weeks before last frost
When to sow outdoorsWhen soil is at least 70° F
Seed depth1/2"
Germination soil temperature80° – 90° F
Germination length3 – 5 days (longer for cooler soil)
When to transplantWhen melon seedlings have 2-3 mature leaves
VarietiesHale's Best Jumbo (a favorite)

Halona (resistant to disease and powdery mildew)

Lil' Loupe' (container cultivar)
pH range6.0 – 7.0 (6.0 minimum)
Soil temperature for growing70° – 85° F

From germination to hardening off: moderate and even

One week before transplanting: low

From transplanting through entire growing season: moderate

During ripening: low
LightFull sun
Nutrient requirementsN = low

P = high

K = high
Fertilizer scheduleEvery 6 weeks
When to harvestWhen melons easily separate from the vine when twisted

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Check out these tips for growing cantaloupe melons.

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