Herb Growing Guide: Tarragon

How to Grow Tarragon in Your Herb Garden

Growing tarragon is no small feat. For starters, don’t plant tarragon from seed and be sure to taste the actual plant seedlings before you plant it (as flavorless tarragon is surprisingly common). Once you’ve found a plant with good flavor, cherish it, keep it alive, and enjoy its sweet, anise flavor year after year.

Growing Tarragon

Sowing Guide

When to sow indoors Not grown from seed
When to sow outdoors Not grown from seed
Seed depth Not grown from seed
Germination soil temperature Not grown from seed
Germination length Not grown from seed
When to transplant Spring
Varieties French (the real thing)Russian (less flavorful)

Growing Guide

pH range 5.5 – 7.0
Soil temperature 50° – 80°F
Spacing 12″ – 18″
Watering Low
Light Full sun
Nutrient requirements N = lowP = lowK = low
Fertilizer schedule Not needed in rich soil
When to harvest Whenever leaves are large enough to use (preferably before flowering)

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