Herb Growing Guide: Parsley

Annual Herbs: Parsley

Growing parsley is a wonderful way to get this under-appreciated biennial herb on your plate. Slow to germinate but eager to grow once it gets started, fresh parsley is surprisingly tasty, pretty and nutritious.


Sowing Guide

When to sow indoors Early spring
When to sow outdoors Before last frost
Seed depth 1/8″
Germination soil temperature 65° – 85°F
Germination length 14 – 21 days
When to transplant 6 – 8 weeks
Varieties Dark Green Italian (good for drying)Titan (pretty and sweet)

Growing Guide

pH range 5.0 – 7.0
Soil temperature 60° – 65°F
Spacing 6″ – 8″
Watering Light
Light Full sun to light shade
Nutrient requirements N = moderateP = moderate

K = moderate

Fertilizer schedule Usually not needed
When to harvest  As needed

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