Herb Growing Guide: Dill

Annual Herbs: Dill

For a lovely, aromatic annual herb, try growing dill. With feathery fronds that bloom in frilly umbrellas of bright greens and yellows, dill is delicious in salad greens and with fish, and it’s a lovely and prolific addition to any herb garden.

Growing Dill

Sowing Guide

When to sow indoors Only sow indoors if growing indoors; does not transplant well
When to sow outdoors Cool areas: early spring tomidsummerWarm areas: late summer to fallSow every few weeks for continuous harvest
Seed depth 1/8″
Germination soil temperature 60° – 70°F
Germination length 7 – 21 days
When to transplant Not recommended
Varieties Dukat (flavorful, slow to bolt)Vierling (nice cut flower)


Growing Guide

pH range 5.5 – 6.5
Soil temperature 60° – 80°F
Spacing 6″ – 8″
Watering Heavy
Light Full sun
Nutrient requirements N = highP = highK = high
Fertilizer schedule Not needed in rich soil
When to harvest Whenever leaves are large enough to use

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Check out these tips for growing dill.

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