Herb Growing Guide: Chives

Closeup of Chives in a Garden

If you’re looking for an all-around garden winner, try growing chives. Not only are chives tasty and versatile herbs, they’re attractive flowers that attract plenty of beneficial bugs to the garden. Pretty, tasty and relatively fuss-free, chives are a must-have for any kitchen garden.

Growing Chives

Sowing Guide

When to sow indoors 3 – 4 weeks after last frost
When to sow outdoors Spring to fall
Seed depth 1/8″ or less
Germination soil temperature 60° – 85°F
Germination length 7 – 14 days
When to transplant Not recommended
Varieties Garlic (garlic flavored)

Common (pretty in purple)

Purly (large, robust leaves)

Growing Guide

pH range 6.0 – 7.0
Soil temperature 55° – 70°F
Spacing 6″ – 8″
Watering Moderate and even
Light Full sun to partial shade
Nutrient requirements N = moderate

P = moderate

K = moderate

Fertilizer schedule Usually not necessary
When to harvest Whenever leaves are large enough to use

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Check here for more information on how to grow chives.

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