Growing Guide: Cauliflower

Growing CauliflowerIf you've never tried growing cauliflower before, let me warn you: It's a challenge. Cauliflower (while delicious and nutritious) is known as a bit of a garden prima donna, and the reputation is well deserved since it is definitely one of the more difficult garden vegetables to grow. But if you're ready to wrestle this Brassican beast into submission, great taste and nutrition await you!

Growing Cauliflower

Sowing Guide

When to sow indoors 6 weeks before last frost
When to sow outdoors From last frost to early spring
Seed depth 1/2-1"
Germination soil temperature 75° – 80°F
Germination length 5-7 days
When to transplant 5-7weeks

Graffiti (gorgeous, purple)

Cheddar (orange!)

Amazing (easier to grow)

Growing Guide

pH range 5.5 – 7.5
Soil temperature 60° – 70°F
Spacing 15"
Watering Moderate and even; higher during critical watering periods.
Light Full sun
Nutrient requirements

N = high

P = high

K = high

Fertilizer schedule Every 2 to 3 weeks; use nitrogen fixing cover crops.
When to harvest When head is tight and developed but curd hasn't separated (becoming "ricey")

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