Growing Guide: Brussels Sprouts

Growing Brussel Sprouts Leaves

For a nutritious, cruciferous and cabbage-licious treat, try growing Brussels sprouts. They’re a fantastically frugal way to turn your kitchen garden gourmet. And if you remember to harvest these Brassican beauties early, you’ll have a delicious treat that’s just about as cute as a bumpy green garden vegetable can be.


When to sow indoors4 – 6 weeks before last frost
When to sow outdoorsEarly summer for fall crop (warm regions), later for cooler regions.
Seed depth1/4"
Germination soil temperature75° – 80°F
Germination length5 – 8 days
When to transplant4 – 6 weeks
VarietiesJade Cross E (dwarf)

Oliver (dwarf)

Trafalgar (tall)

Valiant (tall)

Roodnerf (open pollinated)

Rubine (purple!)
pH range6.0 – 7.5 (6.0 minimum)
Soil temperature for growing60° – 65°F
Spacing16 – 18"
WateringModerate and even
LightFull sun or light shade
Nutrient requirementsN = moderate

P = high

K = high
Fertilizer scheduleEvery 3 – 4 weeks
When to harvestWhen buds are firm, preferably after a frost or two

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Learn how to grow Brussels sprouts here.

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