When to Water Vegetables

When to Water Vegetables

Knowing when to water vegetables you’ve planted in your garden is critical to getting the most from your crops. Lack of water during critical watering periods stunts vegetable growth, often permanently.

Critical Watering Periods for Vegetables

If you’re not sure when and how to water your vegetables, check out the table below. It lists some common vegetables and critical watering periods that you should know.


When to Water

Broccoli During head development
During head development
Carrots During root enlargement
During head development
Corn During silk and tassel development
Cucumbers During flower and fruit development
Eggplant During flower and fruit development
Lettuce During head development
Onion During bulb development

Have I missed any? If there’s a vegetable you’re not sure when to water, let me know and I’ll find out!

Image thanks to Nick Harris!

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    • You know, I have to admit, this is my first year growing tomatoes in containers so I don’t know yet (I’m still at the seedling stage). Up until this year, it’s always been in my raised bed garden. I’m basically planning on doing what I’ve done in my ground garden though: making sure I have good drainage, watering well, and watering evenly. Have you considered a water gauge or a drip system? I bet you could DIY a drip system easily enough.

      Good luck, and thanks for commenting!

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