Planting Seedlings

When to Plant Seedlings for Vegetables

Planting seedlings that you’ve started growing indoors is a great way to extend growing times and give your seeds the extra boost they need to make it in the real world. It’s a little more work, but for gardeners who do it right, the result is hardier vegetables with stronger root systems.

When to Plant Seedlings

If you’ve never tried transplanting seedlings instead of direct sowing before, use the table below to help you determine when to transplant your seedlings from indoors to their garden bed. After you’ve planted your seedlings in the garden, continue a regular watering schedule but discontinue any fertilizing regime you have in place until seedlings develop a few sets of new leaves (as the new leaves will let you know that the root system is taking hold in the new soil).

VegetableTime to Transplant
Broccoli5 – 7 weeks
Brussels Sprouts4 – 6 weeks
Cabbage5 – 7 weeks
Chinese Cabbage4 – 6 weeks
Cauliflower5 – 7 weeks
Chives6 – 8 weeks
Cucumber4 weeks (not really recommended)
Edamame (Soybeans)Not recommended
Eggplant6 – 9 weeks
Kale4 – 6 weeks
Kohlrabi4 – 6 weeks
Lettuce3 – 5 weeks
Okra4 – 6 weeks
Onion (from seed)12 weeks
Parsley6 – 8 weeks
PeasNot recommended
Peppers6 – 8 weeks
RadishesNot recommended
Spinach6 – 8 weeks
Squash3 – 4 weeks
TarragonNot grown from seed
Tomato5 – 7 weeks
Zucchini3 – 4 weeks

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