5 DIY Gifts From Your Garden

Looking for eco-friendly, DIY gifts from your garden that show you care enough to do more than just shop? These crafty, garden gifts are sure to please all of the shabby chic garden geeks in your life.

Garden Gift Seed TapeDIY Garden Gifts for Your Wannabe Farmer Friends

Looking for the perfect garden gift for the go-to garden friend who never seems to get her seeds in the ground on time? Try making your own seed tape for your time-challenged friend. Not only will you give her (or him!) a garden gift that will help keep her veggies in tidy, easy-to-care for rows, you’ll get her garden off to a great start. (Plus, if you really want to feed your inner control freak, you can pretty much plan her whole garden for her!) Natural, eco-friendly and easy to use, seed tape is a breeze to make. Not sure what to do? Check out this fantastic tutorial to help you make this grade-A DIY gardening gift.

Garden Gift Seed Starter KitStart a Garden Gift Tradition with DIY Seed Starter Kits

Fantastic for first-time gardeners and old pros alike, DIY seed starter kits are easy-to-make gardening gifts that promote seed saving and recycling. And, while this garden gift takes a little time to collect and assemble, in the end, your friend will get an all-in-one garden starter package that’s sustainable and heartfelt.

Here’s what you’ll need: an eco-friendly container for seeds and soil (recycled fiber egg cartons or cut toilet paper rolls work quite well), potting soil, an assortment of seeds (ideally labeled with planting times and instructions, and preferably from your garden), garden markers (which can be another whole garden gift project  in themselves), and some time to package your DIY gift. Put it all together and voila, you’ve got an urban farming care package that’s sustainable and self-contained!

Loofa Garden GiftWhen Bath and Garden Gifts Collide

Did you plant loofah in your garden this year? If so, then you’re already half-way to a full-spa garden gift for someone special. Combine home-grown loofa sponges with home-made scented soaps (what better way to use garden herbs like lavender and rosemary?) and you’re sure to impress (and undress!) someone looking to relax. Not sure how to make either? Look here and here for some great tips.

Garden Gift Gourd BirdhouseThis One is for the Birds

If you didn’t plant loofah, how about funky gourds? If you planted gourds in your garden this year, then you’ve got another great garden gift just waiting to happen. Odd-shaped gourds make great, eco-friendly birdhouses. And, their level of sophistication is entirely dependent upon your level of commitment. Have lots of time and love to spare? Go crazy and paint or carve your birdhouse to create a truly one-of-kind gift from your garden. Not so much? Hollow that bad boy out, sand it down, and call it a day. Never made this garden gift before? Check out these handy instructions.

Garlic Rope: An Aromatic DIY Garden Gift

DIY Garden Gift Garlic Braid

Here’s an easy DIY garden gift that’s perfect for your favorite foodie: a home-grown garlic braid. Pretty, functional and easy to make, garlic braids are a great way to share this heart-healthy allium with friends and family. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Images graciously provided by mandy dawson, ZoofyTheJi, wikimedia, Splenetic and zatrokz. Thanks!

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