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Cover Crops: Red Clover
Cover crops are fast-growing crops that you grow between planting seasons and then till back into the soil. Different cover crops have different properties, and serious gardeners use them to replenish and repair their gardening soil (which allows them to replenish the soil naturally instead of using chemical fertilizers and artificial soil supplements).

Choosing the Right Cover Crops

Not sure which to use? Here are some basic guidelines to help you find the right cover crops for your garden.

Nitrogen-Fixing Cover CropsNitrogen-Scavenging Cover CropsCover Crops for Attracting Beneficial Insects
Medium Red CloverBuckwheatMedium Red Clover
LupineFall MustardsSudangrass
SoybeansForage TurnipSweetclover
VetchMedium Red CloverSweetclover
White CloverRye
Cover Crops for Weed ManagementCover Crops for Organic MaterialCover Crops That Soften Soil Hardness
RyegrassFall MustardsForage Turnip
BuckwheatField PeasHairy Vetch
Fall MustardsJapanese MilletSudangrass
Field PeasOatsTeff
Forage RadishRyeWhite Clover
Forage TurnipSudangrass
Hairy Vetch
Fast-Growing GrassesCover Crops that Stabilize Soil AggregatesCover Crops that Loosen Compact Soil
BarleyRyegrassFall Mustards
BuckwheatBuckwheatForage Radish
MilletFall MustardsMedium Red Clover
MustardHairy VetchSweetclover
RyegrassWhat Spelt Tritcale

For an excellent, in-depth look at the crops listed above, check out the cover crop agricultural pages at Cornell University or find other useful gardening information on my Gardening Guides page.

Image thanks to Rebecca Wilson!

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