5 Eco-Friendly Flower Pots

Are you looking for ways to make your garden even more environmentally friendly? Here are five eco-friendly flower pots that you can make (or recycle!) that aren’t just environmentally responsiblethey look darn cute too!

Eggshell Flower PotReuse Egg Shells

Crack your eggs carefully and you can save them to make adorable eggshell flower pots for your container garden. Perfect for seedlings, tiny herbs and miniature moss gardens, recycled egg shells can be painted and decorated for truly one-of-a-kind containers. Bonus points: not only can you use the shells to make little flower pots, cardboard eggshell crates make fantastically eco-friendly starter seed trays.

CoconutsTry Coconut Shells

Coocoo for coconuts? Well, now you can recycle those sturdy shells into super-cool garden containers. Solid, water tight and long-lasting, it’s not hard to make a flower pot from a coconut. Plus, when you’re done, you can compost the shells.

Gourd Flower PotRecycle Gourds

Need another reason to grow some wacky variety of squash? How about recycling it into a funky flower pot? Depending on the type of squash you grow and how you carve it, the options here are pretty endless. Plus, handmade gourd planters make wonderful gifts.


Shoe Flower PotKick Off Your Shoes for Upcycled Flower Pots

Can’t stand the stench of your hubby’s clodhoppers? Turn those boots into incredibly cool flower pots and save yourself the stink. Recycle old boots and upcycle old shoes by using them to plant small-space plants and herbs like hens and chicks and thyme. You’ll keep those kickers out of the landfills and your house. Plus, you’ll add some truly cool shabby chic to your garden.

Colander Garden ContainerFill Your Garden with Colander Pots

Have an old colander that’s too old to use but too pretty to toss? Bring the kitchen to your kitchen garden and turn your colander into a flower pot. Not only do colander planters keep you from over watering, their handles make them easy to bring inside for the winter. Group planted colanders together for pretty, distinct displays.

What do you recycle into flower pots? How are you making your container garden even more sustainable? Have you ever made a tire flower planter?

Images graciously provided by berenika, Egahen, crowdive, cuttlefish and mybloodyself. Thanks!

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