Growing Guide: Garlic

Growing Garlic From ClovesGrowing garlic from cloves (or, regrowing garlic from cloves, which is really what it’s all about) is a smart way to get your hands on this delicious and healthy (but typically pricey) Allium. Luckily, growing your own garlic is pretty easy. Follow the specs below and you shouldn’t have any problems growing your own garlic in pots, in your garden, or even indoors.

When to sow indoorsOnly recommended if you have access to full light inside
When to sow outdoorsLate summer to fall
Clove depth2" (with end that was connected to basal plate pointed down)
Germination soil temperature55°F
Germination lengthNot applicable
When to transplantNot recommended
VarietiesSpanish Roja (hardneck, purple)

Elephant (huge)

Susanville (good for braiding & roasting)
pH range6.0 – 7.0
Soil temperature for growing55° – 75°F
LightFull sun
Nutrient requirementsN = moderate

P = moderate

K = moderate
Fertilizer scheduleNot typically needed if planted in fertile soil
When to harvestWhen bottom leaves yellow or the tops fall over

Want to learn more?
Click here for more information on how to grow garlic from cloves.

Image thanks to Will Merydith!

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