Growing Guide: Peas

How to Grow Peas If you’re like most gardeners, your first starter veg was peas. That’s probably because growing peas is a great way for first-time gardeners to get their hands dirty and still produce some actual crop. Plus, peas grow quickly, so they’re fantastic choices for impatient gardeners (like myself)!

Whether this is your first time or you’re an old hand, here’s just about everything you need to need to know about growing peas.

Growing Snap Peas, Sugar Peas & Snow Peas

When to sow indoorsNot recommended
When to sow outdoorsAs soon as soil is workable, or mid-to-late summer for fall crop
Seed depth1"
Germination soil temperature40° – 75°F (higher temperatures for shorter germination times)
Germination length9 – 36 days (14 around 60°F)
When to transplantNot recommended
VarietiesSugar Snap (snap; award winner)

Super Snappy (snow; tolerant to powdery mildew)

Canoe (shelling; tons of peas per pod)
pH range6.0 – 7.0
Soil temperature for growing60° – 65°F
Spacing1 – 3" (1" for staggered patterns)
WateringHeavy during critical watering periods, then moderate.
LightFull sun to partial shade
Nutrient requirementsN = low

P = low

K = low
Fertilizer scheduleUsually not necessary
When to harvestSnow: Before pods over develop

Sugar: When pods and peas

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Check out these tips for growing peas.

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