Growing Guide: Edamame

How to Grow Edamame SoybeansWonder why everyone wants to know how to grow edamame? Well, like most legumes, they’re low-maintenance nitrogen-fixers that are super for your soil.

A delicious, nutritious and blissfully simple-to-prepare type of soybean popular in Asian cuisine, edamame (aka “beans on branches”) are great vegetables for any urban garden.

Growing Edamame (Soybeans)

When to sow indoorsNot recommended
When to sow outdoors1 – 2 weeks after average last frost
Seed depth1/2" – 1"
Germination soil temperature55° – 60°F minimum
Germination length5 – 10 days
When to transplantNot recommended
VarietiesEnvy (short season cultivar)

Butterbeans (sweet & buttery)

Early Hakucho (dwarf cultivar)
pH range5.8 – 6.5 (6.0 is best)
Soil temperature for growing55° – 60°F minimum
Spacing2 – 4"
WateringModerate and even
LightFull sun
Nutrient requirementsN = low

P = moderate

K = moderate
Fertilizer scheduleMay need phosphorus and potassium (depending on soil conditions)
When to harvestWhen seeds are fully grown but before pods are yellow (but leaves will have yellow tint)

Looking for more information and inspiration?
Check out these tips for growing edamame.

Image thanks to Kenny Louie!

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